Anchors Away prides itself on partnering with highly qualified Safety Professionals. Below is a detailed breakdown of the members Marine Curriculum Vitae

Diane Steenkamp

Marine Qualifications

SAMSA – Theory & Practical Examiner for Vessels <9m

  • Skipper – Local Waters (Restricted) and Sheltered Waters Category R
  • Day Skipper – Category E, C
  • SAMSA – Small Vessel Surveyor for Vessels <9m
  • SAMSA Small Vessels Pre Sea – Assessor and Trainer

Commercial Certificate of Competency – 40 Nautical Mile Day / Night on vessels under than 9m

  • CASA Yacht Skipper (Local Waters) Certificate of Competence

SRC Operators License | Pre Sea Induction | River Proficiency Award (CSA)

  • Outboard Operator & Maintenance | Advanced First Responder Level 3
  • Electronic Navigations Systems (Operations) Certificate
  • NSRI Crewman STATION 12 Knysna – 1999 – 2003