Surf Launching Endorsement 

A candidate wishing to have the surf launching endorsement [which gives him/her the authority to launch through the surf which is mostly encountered at the launch sites (other than Ports, Fishing Harbours and „protected? launch sites) on the Eastern and South Eastern seaboard of South Africa] is to produce an affidavit signed by a certificated surf launching skipper that he or she has successfully completed the practical training specified in the Code (ie. A minimum of at least 12 surf launches through the surf and returning through the surf, conducted on at least 4 different days under differing weather and swell conditions.)

The affidavit is to state the full name and address of the certificated skipper, the details of his certificate of competence and must indicate his opinion as to the competence of the candidate.

The affidavit itself is no longer deemed to be sufficient to sign off the endorsement. A practical demonstration is called for as detailed in the code and carried out in the presence of a SAMSA appointed examiner.

MN 13 of 2011 Page 45 of 130 – Generally the national system does not distinguish between the many variations of motor driven craft in considering competency for the various categories of certification. However the same cannot be said for surf launch endorsements where for instance there is a huge difference between the competencies required to skipper a small single engine rubber duck, versus a 9 metre rigid hulled vessel, through the surf.

In cases where small inflatable vessels or jetskis are used for the demonstration, examiners are required to restrict the candidate to that type of craft unless the examiner can attest to the candidate‘s competency for all types of craft.


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