Commercial Dive skipper endorsement

This is a specific and additional endorsement which can be added separately to any of the national certificates.

All skippers operating a commercial diving or dive charter vessel are required to have this endorsement added to their Small Vessel Certificate of Competence before SAMSA considers the vessel to be properly and safely manned.

The Dive Skipper endorsement is an additional qualification which can be added to any national certificate and is interpreted to be the only valid small vessel qualification suitable to skipper or operate a commercial diving or dive charter vessel (which includes shark cage diving).

The requirements are as follows:


Proof to be submitted through an examiner to Pretoria in order to add the qualification to a national certificate.

Candidates or skippers who hold a dive leadership qualification may have the endorsement added to their skipper certification by the Registrar of Seafarers without undergoing any examination.

(i.e. Dive Master or Dive Instructor issued by either PADI or NAUI , or SAUU 2 star diver or Instructor or a commercial diver issued by Department of Labour


Qualifying practical experience

A basic dive qualification (i.e.  Open Water I or II issued either by PADI or NAUI or a SAUU  1 star diver


10 hours logged on any small vessel engaged in dive operations (Sea-time to be certified by a dive skipper)

Written Examination

A written examination as detailed in the Small Vessel Code of Qualifications with a pass mark of 70%.

Practical Examination

A dive skipper practical examination may or may not be required at the sole discretion of the examiner.

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