As the leading small vessels training institution in South Africa , we are able to provide quality and professional SAMSA accredited skippers certificates of competency for all small vessels under OR over 9m in lenght. Training and course presentation can be done where and as required by our professionally qualified lectures and examiners.

This is the intermediate skippers certification for all offshore certificates of Competence and allows the holder to operate 15 Nautical Mile offshore during daylight hours from a safe launch site.

SAMSA Approved Training – We offer a complete course presentation of Theory  , Oral , Practical and Written Examination. Once all additional experiential learning and log time of 50 hours has been completed (excluded from course), we will issue a SAMSA approved Interim Certificate and due to the improved service from SAMSA we have a return time of the original certificate of approximately 3 weeks from date of submission.

Please go to our contact page and drop us a message as to your specific requirements.

Course’s are done on add hock basis as needed