Periodically SAMSA will issue new regulations or Marine Notices. We will endeavor to make these available to all interested boat owners.

Marine Notice 6 of 2011 – Complete

The List of Participants in the National Small Vessel Examination Regime and the list of Appointed Small Vessel Examiners.

Marine Notice 7 of 2011 – Complete

SAMSA Approval of Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids and the Compulsory Standards for Lifejackets used on South African Vessels

Marine Notice 8 of 2011 – Complete

“Marine Incident Report” for use by small vessels involved in an incident.

Marine Notice 10 of 2011 – Complete

Accredited training institutions and programs

Marine Notice 13 of 2011 – Complete

SAMSA interpretation of the regulations pertaining to, and internal policy on, small vessel surveys, certification and numbering, and skipper qualification and certification, in terms of the Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations, 2007 (as amended).

Marine Notice 13 of 2011 – Exert of Offenses

SAMSA list of offenses in terms of the merchant shipping act of 1957

Marine Notice 22 of 2011 – EPIRB Registrations

SAMSA notice regarding registration of EPIRB’s

Marine Notice 26 of 2011 – Pontoon Vessels

SAMSA notice – Pontoon Boats (Excluding Passenger Vessels) – Minimum Requirements for Stability, Watertight Integrity and Survivability