As we get back to the warmer season most of us will be getting our minds back to boating !

Please note that the surveys on your vessel are only valid for 12 months so get your renewal done before the silly season!

How to go about a renewal:

1 – Ensure that you go to the Survey section of our www and download the checklist for your category vessel

2 – Ensure you have had your dry powder or built in fire extinguishing system serviced and checked

3 – Get all the paperwork from the previous survey ready and ensure you have a copy of the flotation certificate handy (SAMSA Approved)

4 – Ensure the equipment and vessel are neatly displayed on the trailer outside of the water.( at a pre arranged location )

5 – Once you have read and completed it , contact us and make an appointment to get the survey done !

Complete the survey and enjoy safe boating this season!


Please fell free to drop us a mail with any questions you may have !

Yours in Safety – AA