Hello Summer !!

As we get back to the warmer season most of us will be getting our minds back to boating !

Please note that the surveys on your vessel are only valid for 12 months so get your renewal done before the silly season!

How to go about a renewal:

1 – Ensure that you go to the Survey section of our www and download the checklist for your category vessel

2 – Ensure you have had your dry powder or built in fire extinguishing system serviced and checked

3 – Get all the paperwork from the previous survey ready and ensure you have a copy of the flotation certificate handy (SAMSA Approved)

4 – Ensure the equipment and vessel are neatly displayed on the trailer outside of the water.( at a pre arranged location )

5 – Once you have read and completed it , contact us and make an appointment to get the survey done !

Complete the survey and enjoy safe boating this season!


Please fell free to drop us a mail with any questions you may have !

Yours in Safety – AA

Inflatable Boat Cleaning

A useful practical hint  to help clean your semi Rigid or Inflatable boat


1. No solvents or strong alkaline cleaners shall be used.Use of these products may cause damage. Due to previous experiences and extensive testing results we recommend mild non ammonia detergent liquid.

2. Rinse off the soil on the surface with cold or warm water.

3. Apply the amount of cleaner required for the type of soiling, following the recommended concentration laid down by the manufacturer of the cleaner. Spray it on or wipe it on to the material with a cloth. Leave the cleaner to work for up to 5 minutes and wipe it off with a cloth.

4. Rinse off the dirt with pure cold or warm water. Then dry off thoroughly with a dry cloth or by air. Do not overheat the surface.

5. The material must be stocked clean and under absolute dry conditions.

6. If in doubt about a particular cleaning solution, please do not hesitate to contact the boat shop or manufacturer and check their recommendations.

This information is according to actual knowledge as per September 10 and is without legal commitment.

Please use a normal car shampoo (Holts, yellow bottle available from Midas), please DO NOT use Handy-Andy, Clean Green or any ammonia liquids or de-greaser as this penetrates the PVC and can damage the fabric . Please use Mentholated Spirits to clean the marks, and apply silicone spray to the PVC part to treat the material .Do not treat the GRP fibreglass with silicone spray as it will make the deck very slippery .

Thanks to Kevin Castleman for the insight and the link !




Yours in Boating – AA


“Back to Basics”

SAMSA have become very active in leveling the playing fields for all examiners and surveyors by conducting a ” back to basics” workshop roadshow around South Africa. One of the main goals was to ensure all approved examiners and surveyors had the opportunity to raise questions and get clarity on any issues they may have on the Small vessel regulations.

Andrew and Graeme recently attended the Cape Town event which was held over four days , Friday 02 September to the 05 September. Both Andrew and Graeme are accredited practical and theoretical SAMSA examiners and also have recently been appointed as SAMSA Small vessel surveyors.If you require any info mation please go to the contacts page and drop us a mail. The course was very informative and provided unique insight into SAMSA and its small vessel policy. The guys had to complete two extremely intense examinations after the presentations and the smoke was pouring from there brains as they completed each section…………


All went well and SAFETY again can come first.Please visit the Survey page to obtain your survey inspection forms and download them prior to your survey


Yours in Safety – AA