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As the leading small vessels training institution in South Africa, we are able to provide quality and professional SAMSA accredited skippers certificates of competency for all small vessels under OR over 9m in length. Training and course presentation can be done where and as required by our professionally qualified lectures and examiners. This is the entry level skippers certification for all offshore certificates of Competence and allows the holder to operate One Nautical Mile offshore. SAMSA Approved Training - We offer a complete course presentation of Theory, Oral, Practical and Written Examination. Once all additional experiential learning and log time of 25 hours has been completed (excluded from course), we will issue a SAMSA approved Interim Certificate and due to the improved service from SAMSA we have a return time of the original certificate of approximately 6 months from date of submission Please find below links to our complete application for skippers certification as per the new SAMSA regulations in Marine Notice 13 of 2011.

These requirements are required to be printed and completed where indicated before the  SAMSA Examination and or Training Course

  DOWNLOAD LINK - CATEGORY E - One Nautical Mile Offshore - Sheltered Launch  

Please download and print the attached PDF with NO back to back printing and each PDF page individually printed together prior to the course. Also not the medical test required, copy ID and ID pics needed to be brought along to the pre-arranged venue and course

Pre Sea Induction
We offer the Small Vessels Pre Sea Familiarization Training for small vessels. SAMSA Ancillary Course - Pre Sea Code STCW-A-VI/I This is a one day course that covers all aspects of small vessel safety from Life Jacket Drills to Pyrotechnics.

Courses can be tailor made from small crews of 4 people to large groups of up to 25 participants.Please note that all skippers and crew of Commercially registered vessel are required by law to hold this certificate. [gravityform id="1" title="true" description="true"]


Anchors Away was established in 2002 in Knysna to provide the local community with professional and personal training in all aspects of recreational and commercial boating. They have become the leading service provider along the whole Garden Route of South Africa.

Recently they have been approved to be a service provider for all candidates who complete the NSRI Bravo Bravo Small vessel Skippers Theory Course. This is the only platform for making the process a lot more streamlined and user-friendly in the whole of South Africa. Candidates can book their theory and practical exams at a time to suit their own needs once they have the theory certificate and the required 25 practical hours experience.

They are the original SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority) recognised/registered Commercial Skippers Training Institution in the Garden Route for all recreational and commercial skippers certification. Committed to your safety and professional levels of training. Tsitsikamma to Struisbaai.

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